Happy Mothers Day, Mom(s)

Hope all of you inspirational moms out there are having a fantastic weekend. Take a look at some of the treats I brought my mother this morning. A classic White Russian made with her favorite Bailey's® Coffee Creamer flavor, French Vanilla, along with a Vanilla Custard Fruit Tart for snacks. A handmade card created by yours truly for her to keep forever. And, a matching necklace and bracelet duo that will keep her thinkin' of me all summer long. 


I always joke about the type of mother I'll be one day. The type of mom that forgets her kid home in the midst of taking off for a family vacation. The type of mom that actually leaves her child behind in a store to teach a lesson when they're demanding to stay. The mom that takes away the TV when her kids haven't been outside in a while. Truth is, my mom did all of these types of things and its taught me everything I've ever learned in life.

She has taught me to be proactive and independent. To be curious and creative. To lead by example and achieve anything I set my mind to. To date, I've checked off many accomplishments I've longed for in life and I owe it all to my mom.

She reminds me everyday to show gratitude. To be a dreamer and have goals. To be kind and let love prevail over everything. Everything my mother has ever done for me has taught me to be the person I am today, and the mother I strive to be some day. For all these types of mothers out there, I wish you a Happy Mothers Day!


What did you do for your Mom this Mothers Day? Let me hear about it! Leave my your comments or get in touch here or at ItsKriativ@gmail.com