Dropping Dr.Downs

First off I need to tell you this is X-RATED so be warned.

My brother is infamous for capturing recordings and I felt compelled to share these immediately after hearing them. My friend Ian is amazingly talented on the guitar. Each of these tracks is him singing and playing the guitar impromptu, with epic commentary in the background of belligerent friends. Ian + Friends + Alcohol + Guitar + Music = Good Times

The first track "All About The Dough" is written entirely by Ian. 

The best part of these recordings are the casual conversation background noise between our friends frighting with one another, chiming in and straight up blurting out whats on their minds. I think friends should experience moments like this more often.

Like Ian's tunes? Comment below with some compliments - he deserves 'em, and I'm sure he'll be seeing this. And of course, Send me your tunes!