Be Courageous, It's One Of The Only Places Left Uncrowded.

Background Photography by  @ChrisColls

Background Photography by @ChrisColls

Stand up for yourself and speak your mind. Say no to people if you don't want a part in what they're pushing you to do. When you say no to places you don't want to attend, people you don't want to see, and things you don't want to do, you're saying YES to yourself. 

There are too many people in this world going through the motions, doing what everyone else thinks that they "should" or "shouldn't" do. Then they become scared and suppressed and squashed into a role that they don’t even want in life. Be strong and do what you want. Your long term happiness is more important then other people's short term disappointment. 

Don't find yourself falling into a trap, find yourself creating the outcome you want. You control your life, you control your destiny. You get to create the life you want to live. You're life is not predetermined. Trust yourself and be courageous. 

"All the people on the planet, working 9 to 5 just to stay alive, how come?" - Beyonce 

Wake Up and Smell The Routine

Background Photography by Society6

Background Photography by Society6

"Na, I ain't about that life." I can hear my amazing friends echoing these sweet words in my head this morning. Every day we resort to a routine. It's not okay. If you're one of the lucky ones who gets to live young and wild and free, kudos to you. Truth is, I'm mad at myself. Wanna know why? Because I feel like I'm just existing, and I know I'm not the only one out there who feels this way. I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be okay with this feeling.

So i'm putting an end to the daily rituals and I think you should too. It's okay to want something more. Work out every day. Don't let the grind stop you from hugging your parents. Take long baths. Laugh every chance you get. Take breaks. Gaze at the stars. Drink more tea. Get lost while driving, discover new streets. Don't take life so damn seriously. Don't let anybody's short sighted views impact your own. Don't trust everyone, 95% of the time people give you advice that only benefits themselves.

Get organized and start prioritizing happiness. Take life by the horns. Create more art. Travel. Eat damn good food. Meet amazing people from all over the world and truly live. Enough to break the mold? I'm always the first person to give this advice to others. Why is it so hard to practice what you preach? 

Today I put an end to it and I think you should too. Life is too damn short. I will never allow anything to take over the way I choose to live my life if I don't agree with it. Happiness is a choice and over the next few weeks I'll be seriously sifting through what is important enough to stay in my routine and what is toxic enough to let go of.

I'll do this again and again. Every day for the rest of my life. Choose happiness. How's that for a routine?

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Golden New Year - Photo Booth Snap Shots

To say the least, my friends and I had a blast at my Golden New Year party. Here are some of my favorite photo booth snap shots. Happy New Year everyone - wishing you the very best in 2014! It's going to be a great year, I can feel it.

Friends: I have all the photo booth strips up at this link. You'll need your password to log on :)


Birthday Gift DIY


Today was my mother's birthday, and this year I wanted to surprise her with little notes from my dad, brothers and I.  I've always felt that handmade, genuine gifts from the heart make more impact then material goods. Now she'll have these messages to treasure and look back upon forever.

My theme for this gift was brown and white. I took mini white balloons and strung their string through little slits in mini envelopes, containing the hand written notes from each of us. The goal was to have my mother open her gift and be bombarded by each floating balloon. At the bottom of the box I wrapped a cashmere sweater she layed her eyes on a couple weeks back in white tissue paper. I wrapped this box in white polka dotted all natural wrapping paper and finished with a big white silk bow. Hope you like.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Love you!


Happy Mothers Day, Mom(s)

Hope all of you inspirational moms out there are having a fantastic weekend. Take a look at some of the treats I brought my mother this morning. A classic White Russian made with her favorite Bailey's® Coffee Creamer flavor, French Vanilla, along with a Vanilla Custard Fruit Tart for snacks. A handmade card created by yours truly for her to keep forever. And, a matching necklace and bracelet duo that will keep her thinkin' of me all summer long. 


I always joke about the type of mother I'll be one day. The type of mom that forgets her kid home in the midst of taking off for a family vacation. The type of mom that actually leaves her child behind in a store to teach a lesson when they're demanding to stay. The mom that takes away the TV when her kids haven't been outside in a while. Truth is, my mom did all of these types of things and its taught me everything I've ever learned in life.

She has taught me to be proactive and independent. To be curious and creative. To lead by example and achieve anything I set my mind to. To date, I've checked off many accomplishments I've longed for in life and I owe it all to my mom.

She reminds me everyday to show gratitude. To be a dreamer and have goals. To be kind and let love prevail over everything. Everything my mother has ever done for me has taught me to be the person I am today, and the mother I strive to be some day. For all these types of mothers out there, I wish you a Happy Mothers Day!


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Dropping Dr.Downs

First off I need to tell you this is X-RATED so be warned.

My brother is infamous for capturing recordings and I felt compelled to share these immediately after hearing them. My friend Ian is amazingly talented on the guitar. Each of these tracks is him singing and playing the guitar impromptu, with epic commentary in the background of belligerent friends. Ian + Friends + Alcohol + Guitar + Music = Good Times

The first track "All About The Dough" is written entirely by Ian. 

The best part of these recordings are the casual conversation background noise between our friends frighting with one another, chiming in and straight up blurting out whats on their minds. I think friends should experience moments like this more often.

Like Ian's tunes? Comment below with some compliments - he deserves 'em, and I'm sure he'll be seeing this. And of course, Send me your tunes!