The Roving Lunchbox | Mohegan Sun Food Truck Festival | Boston Food Photography


Melissa Lynch started The Roving Lunchbox in October 2013, and launched her food truck in May 2015.

She made us a variety of savory hand pies - the Curry Lentil, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and Cornish Pasty. We paired the hand pies with her Truffle Mac & Cheese and hot sauce - and boy, were we in for a treat.

Melissa decided to take a chance on starting her own business in late 2013, when she was at a career crossroads. When trying to decide what to cook for a living, she remembered meat pies from a trip to Portland, OR.

She had grown up on Cornish Pasties and made them for family and friends. So she came up with additional flavors, and started selling them at farmers markets.

They became very popular and gained a following quickly.

In 2015 Melissa bought a food truck to reach more customers and expand her business.

She hasn't looked back since. 

Her customers are her favorite part of doing business. Melissa says "I love having people tell me how much they enjoy our food. I love hearing stories about how the Cornish Pasty tastes like one they grew up on, or how a Beef Empanada tastes like one they had on vacation."

She continued to tell us, "I've always connected to family and friends through food, I'm glad to now be able to connect in my professional life that way as well." 

We feel the same way as Melissa, here at Kriativ Co. We've always used food as a way to connect to friends and family. Our team loves being able to integrate it into our professional life as well.

Cornish Pasties and hand pies are a pretty unique food here in New England. There aren't many other trucks that do them.

Pies are really the ultimate comfort food whether savory or sweet. The options for fillings are endless.

The Roving Lunchbox keeps traditional flavors like the Cornish, Chicken Pot Pie, and Apple on the menu. Then, Melissa will throw her visitors a curve ball with flavors like Reuben, Moroccan Chicken, and Bananas Foster. "Customers enjoy the variety" says Melissa.

To find The Roving Lunchbox on location, visit their website here: