Photography by  Sebastian Photography

Photography by Sebastian Photography

These icy treats are a healthy and tasty way to cool down this Cinco De Mayo. They are made with organic mangos and a bottle of %100 natural, antioxidant packed Bai®5 Malawi Mango. I like to use this juice because of it's fresh fruit taste and natural qualities, but feel free to replace with any other 18 oz mango juice for similar results (that might not be as tasty). At only 30 calories and gluten free, this snack is a sure fire way of making your Cinco De Mayo guests coming back for more. 




Popsicle Molds
8 Popsicle Sticks
2 Organic Diced Mangos
1 Bai®5 Malawi Mango Juice


1. Cut up mangos into small cubes.
2. Add mangos and Bai®5 Malawi Mango Juice into blender and mix until mango pieces are chopped small. 
3. Pour mixture into popsicle trays. Insert popsicle stick and freeze until fully frozen, about 8 hours. Enjoy.


Try these out for yourself and let me know how they turned out by adding to the comment conversation below. Happy Cinco De Mayo, amigos!