Auntie Jen's - Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes


My Auntie Jen is an amazing chef. Her stuffed chicken fajitas, bubbling fire roasted pizzas and hang-over grilled cheese sandwiches are among my top fav's. Recipes for those will follow at a later date - don't fret. For now, these Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes are what's got me excited and I couldn't wait to share the recipe with all of you.

This spring we topped off the cupcakes with the sweetest, most delectable buttercream frosting and carrot top garnishes. If these don't get your taste buds salivating with spring sweetness then I'm not sure what else will.



Makes:  12 Cupcakes
Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate
Cake Mix
(Includes a pouch with
real chocolate chunks and rich fudge, all with one box.

Chocolate Filling:
 1/3 Cup Water


1 Cup Water
1/3 Cup Oil
3 Large Eggs


Mix: Empty contents of small pouch into a small bowl. Stir 1/3 cup water into dry ingredients. Stir until mix thickens. Set aside. Empty dry mix into large bowl. Stir eggs, 

Add water and oil into dry mix until moistened (about 50 strokes). Pour batter into prepared cupcake pan. Spoon chocolate filling mix into the cake surface randomly. Swirl the mix into the surface of the cake using a knife or spatula.


Bake: Bake in center of oven at 350°F until cake is firm in center, 27 - 30 minutes.
Don't over bake. Cool 10-15 minutes.

Frost with buttercream and top with carrot garnish, if desired. Do not refrigerate.


Makes: 10 - 12 Cupcakes


1 Cup Crisco
2 Sticks Butter Room Temperature
7 Tablespoon French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
2 Pounds Confectioners Sugar

Cream together Crisco and butter slowly. Add creamer and beat for about 3 minutes. Add half the sugar mix on slow then beat. Add the second half of the sugar mix slow, then beat entirely for about 5 minutes.  


Photography by  Sebastian Photography

Photography by Sebastian Photography

10 - 12 Baby Carrots
 Rosemary Sprouts
Pairing Knife

Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour pan.

Wash the carrots, then dry them. Over a cutting board, slice and shape the carrots
to have one fat, round end and one skinny, pointy end. Carve to your desired shape. If you're feeling adventurous, add some random nicks and grooves to mimic
the naturally organic shape of carrots.

Pierce the fat, round end of the carrot with a toothpick and stuff with rosemary sprouts. 

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did. What's your favorite cupcake this spring? Get in contact here or share with me at If I happen to love your recipe as much as this one, yours could be featured on the It's Kriativ blog next. With mention of chef, of course.