Photography by  Sebastian Photography

Photography by Sebastian Photography

Stopping in the Mojavi dessert on the way to Vegas was the best idea. The scenic landscapes and desert wildlife was too incredible to pass by. I LOVED being there. The warm sun and dry air does wonders for your body. The silence that comes from being in an area so desolate does wonders for your mind. This land is so old yet so untouched. I caught myself wondering a lot about what used to happen here. Cowboy and Indian days. Without our GPS we would have been lost, how did they do it? How did they navigate these lands with nothing but mountains as references. If you ever get the chance to visit here, I highly recommend it. 

I also couldn't pass by this fabulous crop top and midi skirt by Sugarlips on the way out of Lord & Taylor a couple weeks ago. The bright bold colors reminded me instantly of the desert and right away I had to have it. 

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Top: Lord & Taylor, Sugarlips, Bottom: Lord & Taylor, Sugarlips, Shoes: Elizabeth & James, Accessories: Givency