Photography by  Sebastian Photography

Photography by Sebastian Photography

Muddy shoes from a marshland...

I found this spot off the beaten path and had to snap some shots. My outfit matched too perfectly to the environment and I couldn't wait to explore it's sublime looking terrain. With the weather getting frigid this time of year, it was hard convincing everyone else in the car to join me. Once we did however, it was a great time. Which brings me to something I want to talk about; the time of the season. The meaning of Thanksgiving.

As Thanksgiving nears, I urge all of you to think about the things you're greatful for. I mean really think about it. I'm incredibly grateful for the caring support I receive daily from my friends and family. They stick by me no matter good or bad, and are my biggest fans. For my parents who find time to help me create all these amazing posts - you are my idols in so many ways. For my brothers who teach me new things everyday. For my boyfriend that is my other half, who keeps me goin'. And, for all my amazing friends who stand by me and keep me laughing. I wouldn't be anything I am today without you. For this I am grateful.