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Contouring, shading and highlighting. Three of the lessons I learned from my super talented friend Daniela, who doubles as a naturally skilled makeup artist. While we played with makeup this morning Daniela was able to answer some pretty tough questions I had about the art form. I wanted to share the Q & A with you. Here's what she had to say...

QUESTION 1: Explain your makeup process.

My makeup process always begins at the face, evening out the skins natural complexion. From there I like to create an overall bronzed glow. Then I decide what I want to emphasize. If I choose to emphasize the eyes I'll usually stick with a muted lip. If I choose to emphasize a bold lip, I tend to go with a natural eye.

QUESTION 2: What product could you never live without?

I could NEVER live without my Tarte mascara. It lengthens lashes with just a light coating. To create a more dramatic look all you have to do is apply more layers. Mascara is an instant eye lift, makin' tired eyes easily seem more awake!

QUESTION 3: What will be your go-to-color this spring?

While pastels are always popular for spring - I've spotted an even bolder trend happening this year that I cannot wait to impliment. A tangerine lip. Yeah, I said tangerine. It may sound crazy, but this spring I think vibrant shades are the way to go. Anyone can find one that works best for them, wether it be a punchy teal or a vivacious purple. It's a bold way to add a pop of color to any wardrobe. 

QUESTION 4: Is it okay to wear makeup while working out?

This is definitely a controversial question. I think it's all about what works for you. Personally, with all the sweating I do at the gym, the last thing I need is to have makeup melting off my face. Although I don't think there is anything wrong with a touch of mascara. The very stylish Kelly Osborne actually finds motivation in going to the gym by looking good and wearing makeup. It clearly worked for her so it's all about whatever works for you.

QUESTION 5: Is there anyway to make a face appear slimmer?

There is absolutely a trick to making your face appear slimmer. That trick is called HAC -Highlight and Contour. There are so many tutorials that show you how to do this online in ways that cater to your facial features. The contouring process slims your face. Using bronzer on the outer part of your forehead, along your cheekbones, jawline and on the sides of your nose will make those areas recede. Who needs plastic surgery when you have this?!

QUESTION 6: False eyelashes - yay or nay?

Though they aren't something I use daily, they're great for special occasions. They aren't for everyone, but if you're looking for lashes that appear longer and fuller I suggest you go for it. If you aren't into it, an eyelash curler and layers of mascara can create the same effect!

QUESTION 7: Are you a pencil or brush eyeliner type of girl and why?

I definitely prefer a brush liner. I find that I have more control when applying the liner. Using an angled brush makes it easier to apply a thin line that can be built upon. Great when you're creating a cat-eye look.

QUESTION 8: What makeup remover do you suggest?

Wipes. When you're just too tired to wash you're face you'll love me for suggesting these. I use Olay Fresh Effects. They smell great and you can find them at any drug store. Anything to go without cleaning your face every night. Having a clean face is one of the key steps for flawless makeup application.

QUESTION 9: Glossy or matte lipstick?

I LOVE matte lipstick. Oxblood red has been my go-to this winter. Adding gloss to any matte lipstick is a way to achieve a different look. Ain't nothin wrong with a little sparkle.

QUESTION 10: If you could give me one piece of makeup advice, what would it be?

Don't be afraid to try new things! New makeup trends are constantly emerging. Some of them will work for you and some of them won't. Makeup is all about trial and error. That's the best part about it. You can wipe it off!

I can't give away all her secrets but I can recommend you to her. Daniela's email address is Get in touch with her if your ever looking to get your makeup professionally applied. Be prepared to sit back and feel pampered because she really knows her stuff.

Lip: Philosophy Cabana Girl, Eye Shadow: Urban Decay, Eyeliner & Mascara: Tarte, Foundation & Concealer: Mac, Contour Palate: Anastasia Beverly Hills 

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