10 Steps To A Fresh Face

Photography by  Sebastian Photography

Photography by Sebastian Photography

Now that spring is here, it's time to get fresh and flawless - with your face. It's easy to rely on thick foundation and dark black eyeliner during the winter months when natures gloomy skies are working against us. For Spring however, the attitude shifts. 

You heard me. Natural looking faces. I'm talking clean, glowing, looks-like-your-not-wearing-makeup-but-you-are type of treatment. Here are the It's Kriativ 10 steps to achieving a fresh face...

1.) Gentle Face Wash 

In the Beginning Gentle Cleansing Lotion by Nature's Gate is my favorite. I love this stuff because it leaves your face feeling soft as rose petals, and smelling like them too. It feels more like a lotion then a soap, and gently cleans deep down in pours while keeping your skin super soft. You can find here: natures-gate.com


2.)  Bobbi Brown Moisturizer

Bobbi Browns Brightening Moisture Cream is perfection. This container can be a bit pricey, but its worth every cent and I wouldn't say this if I didn't firmly believe it.  I always look to Bobbi Brown for moisturizer and base-coat products because she has a genius way of creating concoctions to make skin look and feel natural. This moisturizer makes skin glow and feel refreshed. You can find here: Barneys.com

3.) Spot Corrector

You'll find millions out there, but I swear by Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum. For unwanted sunspots, scars and freckles, apply before makeup and before bed. You'll start to see results in days. You can find here: Sephora.com


4.) Concealer

The best part in using this little container of Erase Paste is that it will last you a reallllllly long time. You only need a teeny tiny amount to stretch over a larger surface area. It works wonders for covering up unwanted blemishes and dark under-eyes. Use sparingly for best results. You can find here: Sephora.com

5.) Tinted Foundation


Three letters. YSL. This bottle of Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19 is worth every drop. I love, love, love this product because it goes on super smooth and stays on all day. It gives you the most amazing warm natural looking bronze glow you can possibly get. Opt for this instead of a tanning bed. Did I mention it also smells like heaven? You can find here: Sephora.com

6.) Light Weight Bronzer


First let me start off by saying I'm extremely particular with bronzers. When applied with the right brush and at the right consistency bareMinerals All-Over Face Cover is definitely the choice for me. I dab a large Kabuki brush onto the inside cap area, then tap the brush handle on a hard surface once or twice to make sure the powder sinks in and evenly distributes throughout the brush before dabbing below my cheek bones. Even though there is a bit of a method to applying, it's made of all natural minerals and feels like nothing's there while giving you a deep warm bronze. The best part is that it stays in tact all day, even if you touch your face or take a cat nap. You can find here: Sephora.com

7.) Rose Color Powder Blush

A wonderfuly eccentric saleswoman from M.A.C (that I will most certainly never forget) got me hooked to this product. My mother swears by it too, and if you knew my mother you'd know you could trust me on this. She's got high standards. This blush is called "Prism" and I own the matte finish. Apply very lightly for best natural looking results. You can find here: MacCosmetics.com


8.) Brown Eye Shadow

Again, I'll have to go with a M.A.C favorite. This eyeshadow is called "Embark." I love this product because it spreads evenly, it can be worn lightly or more dark and intensely when layered on. Works perfect for smokey eye, and works really well standing alone without any eyeliner. If you insist on wearing eyeliner, this is a perfect color to replace the instinctual black with. Leaving you with a lighter, more natural looking eye. Combine with a light shimmery gold dust color, like "Ricepaper" for example, added to the inner eye and you'll have natural perfection. You can find these colors here: MacCosmetics.com

9.) Estée Lauder Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector

I wish I had an infinite supply because this cream is amazing. It delivers a natural shine to cheek bones, nose bone, lip line, chin and anywhere you can use a bit of a shimmer. It's the ultimate best friend in photographs; highlighting all your best features. You can find here: EsteeLauder.com


10.) Voluminous Black Mascara

Last but not least, I have to spill my darkest secret. It's called Diorshow New Look Mascara. Sometimes it's the only product I need for an uplifted look. If you like a voluminous thick mascara like me, you'll love this runway favorite. You can find here: Sephora.com

A fresh face is always in style. Top off with a pink lip and you'll be spring forward. Do you have any beauty tips or tricks you live by? Let me know about them! I'm always up for trying new recommended products from my visitors and If I like them enough, chances are they will be featured on the blog.