These little pumpkin surprises will leave your trick-or-treaters excited to reveal what's inside. They are quick and easy to make, and bring a whole new element of surprise to 'ol hallows eve.

This year I've decided to be nice and deliver treats to my guests, but don't get me wrong - this is the perfect opportunity to trick the kid who toilet papered your house last year into receiving some, well, toilet paper stuffing? Hows that for some mischievous fun.

Follow the simple steps below and get creative with this one. You'll be handing these off tomorrow night with pride. Don't forget to come back and share your experiences with me below!


  • orange crepe paper streamer roll
  • green floral tape
  • candy or other goodies
  • grass filler
  • scissors


With your scissors, cut 8 pieces of orange crepe paper into 8" strips. Place each strip on top of one another, rotating each continued piece by about 25 degrees to create a circle formation. 

In the center of the circle, add a little grass filler and your goodies, in this case it was Rolo chocolate candies. Start to form a pouch by lifting each strip of crepe paper around the treats to cover completely. Twisting your excess crepe paper at the top to close your pouch.

Once you've formed a closed pouch, seal the twisted crepe paper by wrapping green floral tape around it in a steam-like formation.

TIP: To make the pumpkin vines look realistic, add a little extra tape to end with a wisp like you see in the photographs above.


Have any questions? Like what you see? What is your favorite way to celebrate Halloween? Share your thoughts below or get in touch. I want to hear from you!