Do-It-Yourself Chalk Board

I found this frame in my attic over the weekend and had to do something with it. It was too beautiful to be sitting up there collecting dust. So I explored the possibilities. I could paint a canvas, but that would feel like I was back in art school. Create a mirror out of it, but custom sized mirrors could be quite pricey these days. Frame a television, which I will do one day, when I have the time to watch it.

But then I realized, those were all such permanent actions and I wanted something a little less committed. So I turned it into a chalk board. And hung it in my kitchen. Right next to the dinner table. Where I can see it and create something new out of it everyday. It's become a space for all who walk by to be reminded of inspirational messages or love notes. To display a menu or daily doodle.

It turned into a real focal point annnnd it was ridiculously easy to make...

Here's what I did: 


  • Old Frame
  • Piece of smooth wood board large enough to fit the frame (Side note: you might need to do some trimming. Or, ask one of the helpers at Home Depot to cut it to your specific needs, they should be more then happy to help.)
  •  Chalk board paint (You can find at a local home depot)
  •  Paint Brush – 3" wide
  •  Old Newspaper for a clean floor
  •  Chalk


Spread old newspaper on floor to cover your surface and work on this area. Evenly coat the board with paint. Let it dry for 4 hours. Give it a second coat. Let it dry and settle for another 4 hours. Once it's completely dry you can mount it in one of your favorite frames and you're on your way.