DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting


I'm very proud of these placement cards and plate settings. I found these really awesome vintage plates buried in the attic that worked perfectly with my color palette of green, yellow and hints of orange/red. I layered these small plates above classic winter white larger plates to pop from their placemats below.

These brown paper mats are totally DIY. To create, I cut pieces of brown paper to 12" x 18". I then plotted out a note area to the right of the plates using a white acrylic-paint based marker. I am urging my guests to participate in listing all the reasons they are thankful this holiday season to remind ourselves of how lucky we are. I topped the plates with green apples and pears, and dangled note cards with personalized handwritten names from their stem.

And yes, I know. The silverware is not in it's traditional setting. But that’s the fun of being a designer. You get to change the rules sometimes. I've been hearing countless amounts of worrying about holiday prep leading up to these past few days and here's my rebuttal. WHO CARES. So you burn the turkey, oh well. Make some chicken broth to pour over it and call it a day. Only want to use one fork, one spoon and one knife...on the left hand side? So be it. Revel in your ability to design the happiest Thanksgiving for you and your family, and enjoy. 


Send me your Thanksgiving recipes...

This year I want to create one of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes to share with my family and followers on Thanksgiving Day. Submissions have been coming in and I'm excited to narrow down the options tonight. Comment below or drop me a note with your famous recipe, you have until 5:00pm EST. The most creative will be featured in my thanksgiving spread tomorrow with full recognition to the chef, of course. Hurry for your chance to win!