While watching a Celtics game the other night at my boyfriends house, I couldn't help but focus my attention on anything but the game. One thing in particular kept catching my eye, and I couldn't figure out why it hadn't affected anyone else in the house the same way.

It was an old dresser. SMACK in the middle of the home entry way. The focal point of any commute into the kitchen or living area. We're basically talking prime real estate for a conversation piece, and this was surely nothing worth conversing over, yet.


It had once belonged in Matts (boyfriend) childhood room and has since made its travels among different areas of the house. About 10 years ago when it was popular to faux sponge paint everything and anything, Matt's mother decided to take a swing at perking up the piece. She painted it a minty green with a mossy green sponge overlay (smart lady.) It was revolutionary...at the time. But it's 2013 now and it became an eye-sore so it had to go. I was determined to re-furnish this dresser.

As mentioned above, I was watching the Celtics and if any of you know the Boston Celtics, you know they wear an amazing color green. It's a bright, vibrant, and legendary type of green. The color green has never been so chic and immediately my wheels started turning...

In the morning I made a visit to good'ol Home Depot and headed straight for the paint department. I brought along a picture of the Celtic team uniform in order to have the color picker scanner at Home Depot find the exact tone for me without wasting time. Thanks to Home Depot I was also able to find gold spray paint, some sanding material and painting tools I knew I would need as well.  

One of the best parts about this dresser was that it had amazing hardware. Even though the brass foot caps and brass knobs we're a little tarnished, they made for a great base. By spray painting them gold (pretty much my life-long resolution to fixing many problems) I knew I would be creating a show stopper.


Side Note: If you're like me, and re-surfacing furniture with preexisting paint, shellac, or stain; I recommend purchasing two forms of sand paper for two different finishes.

For the first round of sanding, use a level 80 grit paper to remove any preexisting paint. For the second round of sanding, use a level 180 to leave a smooth finish. Tip: The lower the number the rougher the paper, the higher the number the smoother the paper.

Also, I recommend a 3" angled paintbrush like this one below. I found it worked great at covering hard to reach nooks and crannies as well as corners and angles. 


Without further a do, I found myself in the basement going to work on re-furnishing.

First I sanded. Then I sanded some more...

Then I gave the wood a fresh wiping with a damp cloth to remove all excess dust.

Once the wood was ready I went to town with my green and gold paint.

And voila. After a fresh coat of paint, the dresser now stands proud. It makes a huge impact in its space instead of blending in as it once did. The dresser is now bold, vibrant, and legendary. Sharing very similar qualities to the Boston Celtics, fine i'll say it.

I even went so far as to swap out the 100 year old dead hydrangea puff-in-old-vase with a (beautiful citrus smelling) Yankee Candle, some inspirational books and a perkier rooster to give the space a refreshing lift. 

The power of color always amazes me. This once dull and muted dresser is now a focal point that adds life and vibrancy to the entire house. Not to mention the uplifting energy it brings to our moods every time we walk by.


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